In the face of accusation by the people, an accused has but one person in whom he can confide, his counsel, whose allegiance shall be undivided, his trust uncompromising, and his efforts tireless. Immersed in proceedings far too complex for the unacquainted, the accused blindly places faith in his attorney to protect him at every turn. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that those facing significant restraints on liberty invest whatever resources they have to retain the very best counsel available United States v. Urbana, 770 F. Supp. 1552 (S.D. Fla. 1991)

Meet Hugo Rodriguez

Rodriguez really does cross examination as well as many of the masters…He is what movies are made about
American Lawyer, vol. 5, 1990.
Acknowledged as one of the country’s premier trial attorneys’ and an authority in the field of law enforcement investigations, Mr. Rodriguez brings his unique background and trial skills to every case. Prior to becoming a criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Rodriguez was an FBI agent who worked undercover in investigations of foreign counter intelligence, terrorism, organized crime, drugs and money laundering. He was the FBI’s first “Hit Man” and among his many undercover identities was that of a renegade lawyer. While an FBI agent, Mr. Rodriguez assisted with the handling of over 100 informants and also collaborated in developing policies for agent handlers of informants.
Upon leaving the FBI, as a trial lawyer Mr. Rodriguez became the first lawyer to beat the FBI and the Department of Justice in a nationwide class action for “systemic discrimination against Hispanics”. Perez v. Department of Justice, 707 F. Supp.891; 714 F. Supp. 1414 (W.D. Texas, 1989).
Later, Mr. Rodriguez became a supervisor with the Federal Public Defenders office in Miami, Florida. There he tried over 100 jury trials and was responsible for the training of over 50 criminal defense lawyers. He then started Hugo Rodriguez and Associates. Our firm’s achievements include the distinction of having 9 “not guilty” verdicts in 11 trials over a two year period.
Because of his expertise, he has lectured and conducted seminars for the DEA, Secret Service, U.S. Immigration, Border Patrol, IRS, FBI, ICE and ATF. Mr. Rodriguez is a featured lecturer and instructor throughout the United States, Central and South America, and Europe. He has given presentations on law enforcement techniques and informants to judges, prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers.
As a resource, he is contacted on a weekly basis by the news media covering criminal cases which involve white collar crime, cooperating witnesses and proactive informants. Additionally, his discovery motions on informants have been published and are relied upon throughout the United States by criminal defense practitioners. Mr. Rodriguez is a faculty member at the National Criminal Defense College “NCDC”, Institute Criminal Defense Advocacy, “ICDA”, California Western School of Law and a presenter at Cardozo School of Law, New York City. An AV rated trial lawyer, his record of success has been recognized throughout the United States. He has been featured on Nancy Grace, CNN, 48 Hours, and Nightline.

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